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Wednesday Jun 30, 2021

Do you make creativity a priority, or is it something you might do someday when you have the time? Cindy Kochis was thrilled when Rachel Kieffer, the Health Nut Girl, accepted her invitation to visit the Pen to Paper Press Podcast studio to talk about creativity, loving ourselves, and food addiction.   Pour yourself a glass of lemon water and enjoy the conversation. Access show notes: Episode sponsor: - Women Health Circle

Wednesday Jun 23, 2021

How well do you know the characters in the book you are spending countless hours writing? In episode #020, Cindy takes you on a journey to meet one of your characters through a guided meditation. This will provide you the opportunity to sit at a bistro table and have a conversation with an individual in your written project. Pour yourself a glass of water, grab a notebook, and enjoy the guided meditation to meet one of your characters. Access show notes:

Wednesday Jun 16, 2021

Deborah Kevin, editor and publisher, shares her insight on how a hybrid publishing company assists writers once they finish writing the pages between the front and back covers. The conversation explores the importance and several action steps authors can do to help maintain book sales after the initial launch. Pour yourself a cold beverage and enjoy part two of the conversation Cindy Kochis had with Debby featured in episode #018. Access show notes:

Wednesday Jun 09, 2021

When it comes time to edit your book, do you know what type of editor you need to hire? Deborah Kevin joined Cindy Kochis in the Pen to Paper Press Podcast studio for an educational, and entertaining, conversation about the vital roles editors have in showcasing the writer's excellence.  Access show notes:

Wednesday Jun 02, 2021

Who taught you to love you? In this episode of Pen to Paper Press Podcast, Cindy inspires you to ask yourself the question she heard while on a walk. This short and sweet commentary will encourage you to explore your elements for a healthier life. Access show notes:

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